Less than two-week countdown to the Community Cleanse Challenge

Hello and thank you for connecting with The Healthy Junkie, my blog, or personal website.  I hope to inspire your inner healthy junkie through community, healthy recipes and information.  I hope you will participate in the community cleanse that begins on October 18th, 2010.  To learn more go to the community cleanse tab.  More about me and the blog…

The two-week countdown for the Community Cleanse Challenge began on October 4th. I’m excited to bring us all together to support and encourage each other to detoxify our bodies for a committed period of time and lead healthier lives in general.  Check out the community cleanse tab for more details and keep checking the blog throughout the week for more information on how to prepare for the cleanse.  I hope to create a supportive environment for all you healthy junkies and encourage discussions and shared information on how to better prepare and maintain success while on the cleanse.

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