Meal Suggestions for Eat Healthy Challenge

Below are some meal suggestions for any of you participating in the Eat Healthy Challenge.  Many of you have already asked me, “What the heck am I going to eat on this Challenge?”  Well as you’ll see, we’re certainly going to continue to eat – that’s for sure.  We’re just going to tweak our regular diets a little (okay, well maybe a lot for some of you healthy junkies needing some bigger changes).  But don’t worry, we’re going to continue to eat…eat lots of healthy delicious foods.  I’ll be posting many recipes in the next weeks. 

Breakfast Ideas

1.   Fruit and Vegetable smoothies – BLEND two pieces of fruit (apple, pear, blueberries, strawberries, banana, etc.), add kale, spinach, or a whole bell pepper, add parsley or cilantro, add one-to-two tablespoons of flaxseed oil, add wheatgrass powder or a greens powder (if you want) and a little bit of water or almond milk.  You can put whatever vegetables you want in your smoothie.  You can throw nuts (walnuts, almonds, pecans, Brazil nuts, or hazelnuts) into the smoothie and blend or eat a handful of nuts on the side to increase protein.

2.   Eggs with whole grain toast.

3.   Oatmeal (stove top cooking method, not packaged oatmeal).  Add raisins, cinnamon, sesame seeds, alternative milk, and ground flax meal.  Sweeten with a little honey or real maple syrup. Make a large portion and keep it in the fridge to reheat.

4.   Fruit salad and plain yogurt.

5.   Cereals with milk alternative – best cereals are Millet/Rice by Nature’s Path or shredded wheat.  Read all cereal labels for sugar or hydrogenated oils.

 Lunch Ideas

  1. A gigantic salad with lettuce, grated carrots, grated red peppers, grated beets, chicken or tofu, avocado, goat feta and roasted pumpkin seeds mixed with a little olive oil and sea salt (yummy).  This is not your typical boring salad.  Add whatever you want – brown rice, legumes, nuts, sautéed vegetables…  Toss in a dressing made from flaxseed oil (4 tablespoons), apple cider vinegar (3 tablespoons), lemon juice (3 tablespoons) and garlic.
  2. Tuna, salmon or egg sandwich on whole grain bread or spelt bread with lettuce and tomato.  I love Vegenaise (Grapeseed Oil) mayo –it’s worth buying!
  3. Eggs, raw vegetables, rice crackers and hummus or black bean dip.
  4. Leftover from the night before – meat and vegetables.

Dinner Ideas

  1. Meat or fish with brown rice and vegetables.
  2. Veggie burgers, ground turkey burgers or extra lean hamburgers are satisfying and easily reheated the next day.  Add wheat germ and flax meal to the burgers.
  3. Vegetarian chili.
  4. Pasta with the arugula pesto (recipe to come).  Alternate between kamut, whole wheat and rice pastas.  If you’re a vegetarian look for your protein in your meals (add nuts to the pesto or add chickpeas or tofu to the pasta sauce).  Add fresh vegetables to the dish or sauce.
  5. Bean salads with brown rice and vegetables.
  6. Vegetable stews and soups – nice for fall.


  1. A handful of nuts and an apple.
  2. Vegetables, rice crackers and hummus or babaganoush.
  3. A smoothie.
  4. A few organic corn chips and salsa.  Read all ingredients.

Lots of recipes to help out on, and off, the Challenge will continue to be added …


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  1. Posted by Gail on October 8, 2010 at 12:10 am

    I love your Blog Laura…..very well done! I am looking foward to following you on your journey to continued good health, with hopes to help motivate and inspire many others along the way.
    I am also interested in starting a cleanse, but for now, I am beginning with my pantry. I have been wanting to eliminate buying canned foods, and with this weekend being Thanksgiving I thought it would be the perfect time to remove them from my home and bring them to our local super market, where they have set up a trailer for donations to the food bank, I have decided to be very selective in what I buy from the canned food isle in the future, and will try to buy fresh fruits and vegs. that are in season from the produce isle or from the frozen food section. Right now I am very fortunate to have a Saturday Farmers market very close to my home, where I have been buying delicious organic produce….I am going to miss them when they close up shop at the end of October.
    So for now cleaning my pantry is my first step towards making a healthy lifestyle change. I will let you know where I go from there!
    Thanks for inspiring me Laura.

    • Yay!! All steps are great steps. It’s amazing what we can find in our pantries, isn’t it? Having a healthy pantry is definitely an outstanding first step to beginning a cleanse.
      Laura Levesque-Page
      The Healthy Junkie

  2. Hi Laura!
    I am loving this! Well done sista! Well, I think I am going to join you on this community cleanse. My question is though – whole grain toast – isnt bread made with white flour?
    Gail – what a great idea to get rid of canned foods from your pantry and give it to the local food bank! God knows they are in need of some serious help this time of year!

    • Thanks for the comment. Some whole grain toasts do contain white flour. The Eckeziel brand is a bread made from whole sprouted grains. You can also find breads made with spelt, kamut and millet flours. Just make sure to read labels. I’ll be posting brands and breads that are good to eat while on the cleanse in the next few weeks.
      Laura Levesque-Page
      The Healthy Junkie

  3. Laura, I am loving this blog! I am vegan and it’s so hard to find food ideas…thank you!

  4. Posted by Lela Adelman on October 15, 2010 at 3:33 am

    First of all I love all of the idea’s and am proud to say that I eat alot of these things already! Alcohol, coffee, sugar and eating out are my weakness.

    I am starting to freak out just as you will be tested when your family is here! During most of this cleanse I will be traveling and I am already frustrated beyond words. I wanted to practice this week because I was traveling.

    Here is what I experienced:

    I needed to grab dinner for the plane because I didn’t have a clue as to what to prepare to bring with me. With only processed foods in site I went searching for a healthy option. I ended up getting white rice (first no no) and seaweed salad (second no no). Of course white rice should have been brown and although the seaweed salad seemed like a great choice as I was eating it I was cruising the internet reading how bad it is for you. Ugghhh! The next morning in a hotel in the middle of nowhere I wandered the options at the hotel for breakfast. Breakfast consisted of coffee (wasn’t ready to practice that), a banana and instant oatmeal (which is another no) and a yogurt. As I was about to eat the yogurt I caught site of corn syrup on the label and tossed it! Argghhh! BTW: these were the healthy choices. I could have done pastries, sugary cereal with milk, or white bread disguised as wheat. Lunch was a prepackaged turkey sandwich on wheat bread. This had too many ingredients so I am pretty sure it was another white bread disguised as wheat and the turkey was processed. I was so over it by then that dinner consisted of a instant oatmeal (natures path) and dried currents (that I packed before I left home). Grrrrrr! I know I need to be much more prepared when I travel. I want something that is healthy, portable, and can sit at room temp while I travel. Bonus would be that if I open it on the plane that it doesn’t offend the neighbor! This was a solo trip. I haven’t even had to deal with a meal with coworkers or clients. Seriously stressing out! What type of snacks? I can’t do nuts and I don’t want to overload on fruit/dried fruit (too much sugar). I know I can do vegetables but I also try and avoid over doing it on raw veggies that are hard to digest……

    Melt down number 1 and I haven’t even started.

    • Ok, first take a deep breath. White rice is ok if it’s your best option. Last I heard seaweed salad is super healthy as long as the sauce it’s in is clean and healthy. There’s a lot of debate regarding seafood and seaweed because of the toxins in the water, but we do have to continue to eat on this planet. The banana and instant oatmeal is fine. Prepackaged sandwiches are always a bad idea and the cleanse is absolutely going to involve some preparing. There are granola bars that are cleanse friendly and lots of other options for snacks. My post tomorrow will be, “Shopping Lists and Eating Out – Community Cleanse.” It’s actually easier to be in a restaurant setting because they can almost always make you veggies and meat with olive oil and lemon (or something to that effect).
      Anyway, you do your best – that’s all you can do. Brown rice is better than white rice and steel-cut oatmeal is better than instant – but both are still not on the list; white flour, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, dairy, hydrogenated…ok maybe they’re a little processed but it’s a whole food. With the exception of the sandwich and having to resort to cereal for dinner, I think you did a great job!!! Look for the blog posting tomorrow and thanks for your comment. It’s always good to get the first meltdown out of the way. Consider yourself ahead of the game.
      Laura Levesque-Page
      The Healthy Junkie

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