One-Week Countdown to Community Cleanse

Today marks the one-week countdown to the Community Cleanse that begins next Monday, October 18th.  Did I really sign up for the full four weeks and circle all six elements of the cleanse?  I must say I’m beginning to feel a little nervous, but I’m still excited to give my body a break. 

Wow, four weeks without wine, coffee and cheese (dairy)?  I know these are going to be the most difficult things for me to eliminate.    I don’t think I’ll have too much trouble with white flour, sugar and processed foods – we’ll soon see.

I have been telling my friends, family, co-workers and neighbors about the Community Cleanse and I now have at least a dozen people I know and see often who live in Napa who are going to participate.  Some of us plan to walk, hike, bike and go to yoga classes together over the course of the four weeks.  We are going to have cleanse friendly potlucks and go for tea.  I would suggest you try and get a “buddy” involved from your local, immediate area.  You will of course have tons of support through The Healthy Junkie blog and facebook page (Twitter coming soon).  Use these mediums as outlets to discuss any challenges you are having or suggestions you may have for others.

Every time I get nervous about next Monday, I tell myself, “It’s only for four weeks, it’s not forever.”  I’ve mentioned before that I chose October 18th, because it’s the day after a party (for Canadian Thanksgiving) I have been planning with my Napa book club ladies.  I thought I had the perfect window for my cleanse – beginning after this party and ending before American Thanksgiving.  Then two of my wonderful aunts, my uncle, and my Dad decided they were going to come and visit.  We’re still working out the dates, but they will definitely be coming while I’m still cleansing.  The truth is there really isn’t ever a great time for a cleanse.  Life gets in the way.  There are going to be social events and parties and visitors and many, many reasons to have a glass of wine, or eat cheese or eat the food served in a restaurant – even if it’s laced with sugar.  No, this is not going to be easy but I am fully committed to creating a space for my body to take a total break (I can hear my liver cheering).  I know the rewards of breaking these habits for four weeks are worth it!  Community Cleanse here I come…


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  1. That photo is priceless! haha…. My vices exactly.

  2. Love the photos Laur! I so far have two maybes to join me on the cleanse…hopefully Steve gets on board! I told him we will lose weight and that was a selling point for him!
    I think for me I will do all 6, for Steve he may only take 4. We shall see!

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