Eating Out and Travelling

If I could just bring this garden (and a private chef) with me everywhere I go, life on the cleanse would be a piece of cake.  Unfortunately, this is not realistic and some of us are going to have to travel and eat out during The Community Cleanse that runs from this Monday, October 18th to November 14th.  When on the road always carry fruits like apples and bananas, instant oatmeal, nuts and granola bars and anything else you can think of (see the Shopping List post for some healthy cleanse friendly brands).  Carrying these snacks is going make the difference between simply having a meltdown and actually cheating.

Yesterday, I set off around Napa on the lookout for healthy options.  I must say, “It’s a pretty sad sight.”  Why are the food options for healthy quick meals so limited?  I walked into Jamba Juice, my fingers and toes crossed, hoping for good news.  When on the road you can have a fruit smoothie.  Just omit the soy milk (which is full of sugar) and the sherbet.  “What’s left”, you ask?  Well not much really, but at least you’ll be ingesting real fruit and juice.  Maybe add a vitamin C boost.  Eat some nuts or one of the cleanse friendly granola bars with the whole fruit smoothie.  

Of course, it’s harder to cleanse on the road, but we should always be able to find a grocery store.  When eating in restaurants, ask for steamed vegetables and pasta or rice, or salad with the dressing on the side. We can even add steamed veggies and rice to our salad and drizzle with lemon and olive oil.  Perhaps not the most satisfying meal, but hey we’re cleansing.  “It’s not forever,” I tell myself again.  We have to do the best we can.  Just don’t throw it all away.  Continue to make serious efforts to eat according to your personal Community Cleanse Contract.

Before you hit the road, Google vegetarian restaurants in the area.  Most vegetarian restaurants are going to have a cleanse option on their menu.  It’s a good idea to do this for our own city or town as well.  I went looking for Community Cleanse friendly restaurants and found it in a food truck, if you can believe that!  Dim Sum Charlie’s is new to Napa and serves all organic ingredients Dim Sum.  Dim Sum Charlie’s organic chicken, pork and veggies are wrapped in flour made from cassava root (not white flour) and then steamed.  One of the owner’s, Clayton Lewis, assures me there is no added sugar, dairy or hydrogenated oils.  I just have to stay away from the white flour buns.  Yay, I have one restaurant nearby I can go to. 

And there’s also High Tec Burrito.  They serve brown rice with stir fried veggies, avocado and Pico de Gallo, or salsa (you can also add chicken or beef).  I just called them and they read the ingredients to me from the corn tortilla (corn, water and lime).  You will find other healthier options in Mexican-style restaurants.  Eat corn tortillas with veggies, beans, meats and salsa.    

When eating out beware of sugar, dairy and white flour.  For those of you not forced to travel, the more you cook in, or stick to the restaurants you know for sure have healthy cleanse options, the less frustrated you’ll be. 

Two-Day Travel Menu

The scenario is I’m leaving early Monday morning to catch a plane and won’t have time to eat breakfast at home.  I’m away until after dinner on Wednesday evening.



Apple, hard-boiled eggs prepared the night before, Ak-mak stone ground crackers.


Leftovers from the night before put in a Tupperware container or roasted veggie sandwich on sprouted grain bread made the night before.


Steamed veggies, chicken and plain rice from a restaurant with side of olive oil and lemon.  I travel with a small container of Bragg’s amino acid (tastes like soy sauce but better) in my suitcase. 


Granola bar or nuts, banana.



Instant oatmeal brought from home and banana (I bought the banana at the grocery store).


My best option is a taco chain.  Stir fried veggies, lettuce and Pico de Gallo on corn tortillas.  I ask about the ingredients in the corn tortillas.  I eat them because they’re cleanse friendly.  I would eat the veggies with beans and rice like a salad if they weren’t.


Plain pasta with steamed vegetables and chicken, I ask for raw tomatoes to be added with some olive oil and garlic.  I tell them I’m on The Community Cleanse.  They are very accommodating.    


Boathouse or Odwalla smoothie bought at the store at the same time as the banana, granola bar or nuts.


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  1. Posted by Andrea Johnston on October 16, 2010 at 10:00 pm

    Thanks for this Laura it is SOOOO timely. I have to be on the road this week, leaving Thursday morning and arriving home Friday for dinner. So not that many meals to worry about. I am kind of excited to get started. Going to try Jay’s recipe this week. Oh Uncle Phil is not all that choked up about hisdiet changing, LOL

    Auntie A

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