The Last Supper

Go out with a bang, go hard or go home.  My first thought this morning as I crouched forward on the side of my bed and held my head in my hands was, Why do I take these sayings so literally?  My second thought was, Why did I drink so much wine and eat two blocks of cheese yesterday.  Oh yes, right, today’s the day – day one of The Community Cleanse.   

Yesterday was the last supper and some of you might know that we had many good friends and our Napa book club ladies over for a potluck to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving.  We celebrated this one week later than the actual holiday; better late than never.  There was lots to prepare for the party, but my main focus was to enjoy my last day of vices before beginning the cleanse. 

So first, one of my amazing friend’s brought me a large soy latte.  Then while I was preparing the turkeys, a few of us had a glass of champagne (after all we were celebrating a holiday).  Later on more ladies showed up and I spent the entire day eating nothing else but a few blocks of cheese with crackers.  And of course nothing goes better with cheese like red wine, so I drank a lot of that.  The last supper was a grand mélange of beautiful foods – some of the dishes community cleanse friendly and most of them not so much.   

Was it a good idea to start a cleanse the day after a planned party that continued on very late with us drinking and dancing?  Well, I’m certainly not craving cheese, or wine today – so that’s good, right?  I suppose sometimes I just go a little overboard.  Especially when spending fun times with good friends and the looming first day of a twenty-eight day cleanse.  As I sit here and drink my chicory root and malted barley “coffee” I realize how excited I am to feel the benefits from giving it all a break.  I promise to put as much effort into this cleanse as I did on the dance floor last night.  I promise to go hard while participating on The Community Cleanse.  The next party that ends on the dance floor will be a Community Cleanse potluck.  Who says a community of cleansers can’t have fun?


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  1. Hahhaha. If you could have seen Steve and my weekend binge, you would laugh!!! Today, the shopping list packed in my bag, I headed to Organic garage. Three grocery bags later and $125 later, I have enough food for maybe 4 days…..maybe!

    Day one was a success – Steve and I easily managed, but who isn’t gung ho on the first day. We will see what the rest of the week brings us! The killer will definitly be the weekend when socializing brings all sorts of foods and bevies to the table.

    Sorry about the hang over Laur! I cannot say that I am in the same boat. However, Steve said that he stuffed his face with so much pizza and beer that he actually puked a little in his mouth – too funny!

  2. Posted by Gail on October 19, 2010 at 12:43 am

    I have jumped in too Laura! I had the day off work today, so being at home made my first day a little easier with not having to think about packing a lunch and snacks. It also gave me time to prepare a large stock pot of vegetable lentil soup that will help me along with my lunch for the next few days, as I get into the groove of the community cleanse!
    I know it is going to be a challege…but I am going to give it my best shot!

    ….and so the challenge begins!

  3. Posted by Chris on October 19, 2010 at 2:27 am

    I will carefully follow the comments and hopefully learn along the way as I await my delayed, shortened version after my return from Ottawa. In the meantime, to help ward off a possible caffeine withdrawal, I have begun my preparation of diminishing caffeine from my system. I am staying positive that my body will thank me and cooperate when I go cold turkey.

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