Cleansing The Sweet Tooth

A few nights ago, we had a couple of friends over for dinner who are also partaking in The Community Cleanse.  One of my friends’s – let’s call her Roxanne – has a skin condition, a type of fungal rash that she’s had for years.  As we sipped our POM (pomegranate) and sparkling water “martinis” she said, “My skin thing is at bay.  It’s still there, but it’s not bothering me right now.  I swear it’s going away.”  We all cheered and talked about how great we’re all feeling on the cleanse.

It was a special occasion so the girls brought “Luna and Larry’s Dairy Free Coconut Bliss Ice Cream”.   After our cleanse friendly Thai dinner, we put the “ice cream” into four bowls and sat down to eat it.  Roxanne said, “Oh my God.  I love this stuff.  I’ve been eating a pint of it mostly every day.  Laura, you have to give me other ideas for desserts,” she whined.  “I’m dying without desserts.”   

I was quiet for a moment and then asked, “Are you serious?  You’re eating a pint of this stuff in one sitting?”  Roxanne nodded in between hurried spoonfuls.  “Roxanne, you’re not supposed to overdo it,” I said.  “You really shouldn’t be eating this every night.  I mean there isn’t any “sugar” in it, but it contains agave which of course is much, much healthier, given it’s a plant and has a low glycemic index value.  But I think you might have…” and here it was the C-word, “Candida.”  A hush came over the table and Roxanne looked into her empty bowl.  “I don’t think you should eat this anymore,” I said.  “If you have Candida, eating large amounts of agave or honey can feed it.  I think you need to stay clear of anything sweet.”  Roxanne pouted, but she knew she was going a little too loopy for Luna and Larry’s treats.

Once home, Roxanne texted me the following, “Thanks to you both and especially the chef (that would be Jay), for a great meal and laughs.  I don’t want the nickname “Yeaste”…so from this point on I have added no desserts to my list for the cleanse.” 

I leave you with deep thoughts by The Healthy Junkie…”The key to life is moderation.  The trick is figuring out what that means.”

Happy cleansing!


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  1. Posted by Michele on October 29, 2010 at 9:51 pm

    I had the “C-word” a few years ago. It sucks the life right out of you and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. The candida diet which I stayed on for a 6 months hardcore and 2-3 years on and off was particularly difficult. No carbs of any kind including peas, corn, carrots, red peppers, potatoes, fruit (with the exception of pineapple and lemon) etc. It did have a positive effect on killing the candida but every time I would stray it was like I had gone back to square one. Turns out that the candida was a symptom of the larger problem of food sensitivities. I went to a naturopath for some guidance and testing. As it turned out, I was sensitive to a very LONG list of foods; wheat, dairy, corn, soy, refined sugar, nuts, yeast and oats. Notice I am using the past tense “was”. I am not sure why I can enjoy these foods now whereas before I could not. Perhaps, since moving to BC from Asia, to an essentially cleaner environment, my body is able to process these foods easier. I do look forward to a time when I am no longer breastfeeding so I can go on biannual cleanses once again. For now, I eat as healthy as we can.

    What are your thoughts on soy? Is it considered a “processed food”. I am sitting on the fence wondering if it is “good for you” or not….

    Really enjoying your blog Laura! Keep it up!

    Happy cleansing

    • Indra answers the question of non-organic soy products below. To reiterate always buy organic, non- genetically modified soy products, 90% of soy is genetically modified and it contains a high amount of pesticides.
      Soy is a legume and can be difficult for many to digest. Companies are now coming out with sprouted tofu products that are easier on the digestive system. Tempeh and miso are fermented and therefore the nutrients are more bio-available.
      I try to use almond milk, hazelnut milk, other nut milks and rice milk instead of soy at home. I do drink soy lattes (when I’m not cleansing of course) but always rotate between organic, non-GMO soy milk and organic milk. I’m lucky this is available at my favorite coffee shop – Ritual. Soy can also disrupt the body’s hormonal balance. We’re all so different and soy is a common allergenic food, so go with how you feel.
      I add sprouted tofu once in awhile to recipes and love miso soup and gravy. I believe there are benefits to soy if eaten in small amounts and not ingested every day. Soy itself is not a processed food but is added to many processed foods.
      Hope this helps,
      Laura Levesque-Page
      The Healthy Junkie

  2. If I can pitch in and give my two cents on Soy, just make sure its ORGANIC. Monsato owns 90% of the soy crops and with a vested interest in pesticides (since they own them) these crops are full of chemicals. Also the beans themselves are genetically modified. For farmers these guys are like the mafia, you mess with them and you are done.
    So, for the sake of your health, the environment and organic farmers check the label.

  3. Posted by Ann on October 30, 2010 at 12:01 am

    Yep this stuff has been saving my sweet-tooth little ass. Only every other night though…

  4. Posted by James on October 30, 2010 at 5:43 pm

    Since I’ve been doing this cleanse, my sweet tooth has totally faded! So awesome. Thanks!

  5. Posted by Big Mama on October 30, 2010 at 7:35 pm

    Laura you know what a HUGE sweet tooth I have but honestly haven’t craved anything sweet for the past two weeks-can you believe it? Tomorrow evening I’m up at Paul & Tracy’s with the grandchildren for Hallowe’en (FUN!) That’ll be the real test-the way I feel right now though don’t think I’ll be tempted. Hope they don’t get any “Turtles” in their bags though-that would be very hard to resist!

    Enjoying your blog and all the comments. I look forward to it. All the info you’ve given us and the feedback from our community keeps me going. Happy Cleansing to all!

    Love ya
    Big Mama xoxoxoxo

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