Feel Like Cheating?

Day 19 of The Community Cleanse, more than half-way through.  Feel like cheating?  I sure did yesterday.  I woke up dreaming of coffee and then mid-afternoon swore there was no way I was going to be able to de-stress if I didn’t have one (maybe more like four) glasses of wine.  It was by far my toughest day on The Community Cleanse.  I thought, ‘I need a drink.  If I don’t have a drink I’m going to feel miserable like this forever.  Plus who’s going to know?’  Then that tricky little voice in my head said, “You will know.  You can’t let anyone else down, but yourself.”  Of course resistance was also found in the image of all you community cleansers supporting me to stay true to my initial commitment to eliminate all six elements for twenty-eight days. 

If the stresses of life compound during the cleanse, our cravings for alcohol and sugar can become more intense.  Some of us may have the usual habit to eat sweet foods to escape the stress.  Others may seek solace in a mind-numbing alcoholic beverage.  One of the real challenges of cleansing is that we have not only committed to avoiding certain foods and substances, we have also committed to working through our “crap” without any of our normal crutches – here’s where the real cleansing begins.  We may normally hide behind a mask of alcohol, a masked coffee high, or a pound of ice cream.  Often, during a highly stressful day, my non-cleansing mantra is, “Boy, do I need a drink.”  What to do when stressed out on a cleanse?  “Boy, do I need a carrot juice,” just doesn’t seem to cut it.  Yesterday, I realized why I was having such a difficult time – there was no escape.  I couldn’t look forward to forgetting about my crappy day.  I wasn’t going to be able to escape myself.   

I will share that I ate almost half a tub of Luna and Larry’s cleanse-friendly dairy free coconut milk “ice cream” mid-afternoon yesterday.  I’m not necessarily proud of this, but I thought it would make me feel better and it did (kind of).  The intense feeling for alcohol went away and then I pouted my way through a long walk.  Another idea if you’re having “one of those days” is to eat a giant teaspoon of honey.  The sweetness quickly cures cravings for sugar (and even alcohol is sugar). 

I know we haven’t all felt like cheating and I hope you all have only good days.  But it’s possible you may fall into a similar danger zone.  You may feel like you absolutely must cheat.  DON’T!!  As the saying goes, “This too shall pass.”  And it did.  I feel much better today and of course I’m elated that I stayed true to myself and my cleanse goals.  Happy cleansing is once again happening for me today!


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  1. Posted by Nada on November 5, 2010 at 4:25 pm

    I must say that I am now in love with my new cleanse-approved chicoree coffee. My anxiety level has gone down tremendously and I do not remember feeling this good. And I was only drinking decaf prior to the cleanse. I did slightly cheat when I couldn’t get to my coffee and went to Timmies and got a med decaf. But I no longer enjoyed the taste of it and got rid of it…..shockingly….this coming from the girl who would drink an extra large decaf minimum every day.
    And I will not be going back. Just a week before the cleanse I had suffered a major spike with my blood pressure. It was dangerously high probably because of some KFC salt laden chicken strips and decaf coffees I consumed while on my way home from a 7 hours drive the day before. And I eat KFC quite rarely but this was all enough to practically kill me.
    Then I read about your cleanse and I thought that it would give it a shot. I have never felt better. I had a situation at work yesterday that would usually give me an anxiety attack…shaking, stuttering, etc.
    This is the first time I felt none of those symptoms. I was shocked. It was a testament to the changes I’ve made in my life and that I will continue to make. And I thank you for introducing me to this life-changing cleanse.

    • Thanks so much for sharing this. Even though I’ve seen the radically positive changes increased nutrition can affect on clients and those close to me, it still amazes me how quickly we can feel better once we change our diets and habits. Very inspiring story! Sounds like you’re doing great!
      Laura Levesque-Page
      The Healthy Junkie

  2. Posted by Lela Adelman on November 5, 2010 at 9:23 pm

    OMG! Wednesday was so that day for me. I was in NY sitting at a very flavor laden restaurant trying to figure out what to order while watching my coworkers enjoy a bottle of scrumptious Spanish wine with bread and butter..Outwardly I was trying to keep cool while I sipped my mineral water. Inside I was seething with jealousy and thought F it why can’t I just have a glass of wine? No one would ever know. The devil on my shoulder almost won but as you said I would know and that kept me from falling of the cleanse wagon. I was tempted more then once on this business trip (champagne house for an after dinner cocktail (I had more mineral water), warm oatmeal cookies (I inhaled deeply and sipped my herbal tea), warm baguettes served with white bean dip (I ate the bean dip with a spoon and tried to refrain from licking the plate) french wine (again more water) and pumpkin pie cheese cake (by this time I was at the end of my rope (I had an apple).

    Today I am over the moon to be back in the safety of my own home. I am having huge sugar cravings which I am trying to curb with fruit. All and all I am proud of myself. I realize that once the 30 days are up I will not go back to some of the things I used eat/drink. I will make better choices when I travel and will find balance and moderation in my eating habits. I am learning how to ask for healthier options. I have had wonderful experiences with every request for a menu change..

    I need almond butter or Laura’s yummy chocolate balls but I think I would eat everything one sitting! I guess I will go have some water….: )

    Way to go Laura! I am proud of you for powering through!

  3. Posted by caitlin on November 8, 2010 at 12:06 pm

    You’re pictures make me laugh!

    Love how accessible you make everything, good job!!

  4. Posted by Rachel Adams on November 8, 2010 at 1:56 pm

    Hi L,
    While doing this cleanse… 6 lbs down! That is exciting in itssellf. BUT, after it is over, I plan on keeping up with alot of the clean eating. However, Thanksgiving is a huge splurge time for me and my family… I am talking THE WORKS on the Thanksgiving table. I dont want to say no to the Stuffing, but that will be white flour and lots of butter. Not to metion the wine I will be taking in. I am pretty sure I can do ok with the cheeses, and desserts… I will add in more exercise, but how will my body react to the white flour and new things?
    Any tips are appreciated.

    • Thanks for the post Rachel. You’ve inspired me to put together a Thanksgiving post to hopefully help with these questions and more. Congrats on the 6 pounds!
      Laura Levesque-Page
      The Healthy Junkie

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