Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

Today’s the last day of The Community Cleanse and I’m getting nervous about journeying into the real world of coffee, wine and cheese tomorrow.  The thing is, I feel good right now, in a weird middle-of-road with no ups-and-downs kind of way.  Is this normal?  In some ways I feel like a watered down version of my former self.  In other ways, I feel like I’m just beginning to get my “real” energy together and break out of my cleanse induced shell.  For example, I went salsa dancing last night with my amazing sixty-year old aunt and kept up with her until two in the morning (without caffeine or alcohol).  If you knew my energetic aunt, you would be impressed by this. 

I’m happy to report, Dear Blog, that somewhere along the cleansing way, my body and mind got together and helped me out on the portion control front.  Of course I still eat more than the average person, but I’m pretty certain I’m not going to eat blocks of cheese in one sitting tomorrow.  My relationship with eating until I’m uncomfortable has changed because nothing I’ve eaten in the past weeks has made me feel sickly full.  So what to do next with the cleanse ending?

Well, I’ve been contemplating a still-in-progress game plan.  But keep in mind Dear Blog that none of this is set in stone and I can always change my mind.  I’ve decided to limit caffeine to one coffee, or latte per day, up to a maximum of three times per week.  I’m pretty sure this one is going to have to be limited further because I’ve seen some pretty radical results in regularity and a severe decrease in a chronic pain condition.  Maybe decaf is the answer?  But one step at a time!  God knows, I love coffee and its inherent highs. 

I’ve decided to only purchase cheese for special occasions.  I don’t think dairy loves me enough to offer itself to me in large delicious chunks, every day of the year.  Of course I’m going to continue to read all labels and avoid all white sugar, processed, “chemicalized” and hydrogenated foods.  One of my amazing friend’s and community cleanser said, “I’ve decided to give up diet soda.” (Translation is diet pop – for all you fabulous Canadians).  “I’ve decided to give up diet soda,” she repeated, “but never intended this when I started the cleanse, so I’m going to allow myself one last romance with it and then bury this bad habit forever.  I’ve come to realize how disastrously harmful that stuff can be.”

Dear Blog, now for the biggie – I know I’ll be drinking wine this week.  It’s been nice waking up every morning for the past twenty-seven days without any trace of dehydration or hangover (this sometimes happens to me after only two glasses of wine).  And I haven’t necessary felt less social – less fun maybe, but not less social.  In the name of moderation, I’ve decided to limit my alcohol intake to two drinks and of course not every day (but know this Dear Blog, some nights they may be larger-sized glasses).    

Well thanks for listening Dear Blog, and please help me to continue to make great healthy choices tomorrow and the days after that.  Happy last cleansing day!


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  1. Posted by Julie on November 14, 2010 at 3:53 pm

    Thank you Laura for guiding us and being our fearless leader. We have learned so much about ourselves through this process.

  2. Posted by sir paul gregory on November 14, 2010 at 4:29 pm

    Thank jesus this thing is over. Now I can finally make up for all the lost drinking time!! Kidding.

    I will continue to check labels.

    I will see that drinking tea instead of booze can be somewhat social. I’ve never drank so much tea and my life! And its hippy tea, non caffeine. Besides lemon water and some almond milk in my smoothie, that’s all I’ve had to drink.

    I will incorparate some of the new habits and rules I was forced to follow into my life.

    What else – I’ve lost 10 pounds, I’m mentally a little more relaxed.

    I’ve proven to myself I’m not an alcoholic. So that’s a bonus.

    I think I’ve given all those around me something to think about.

    I will never do a cleanse this time of year, but it did keep me from drinking a lot as this is my drinking season.

    I’ve enjoyed being in touch with Laura and learning lots of excellent new things from her well researched-written blogs.

    Its helped me prove to myself I have will power.

    Women dig me more. 🙂

    My body is firmer.

    That’s it, back to ? Well not sure playing it day by day. Laura can you blog about how to re-introduce crap back in?

    Thanks again. Good night everyone.

  3. Posted by stephanie on November 14, 2010 at 6:20 pm

    my palate has completely changed as have my cravings. I’m w/ you on the cheese and can’t believe how much I ate before and now have a total difference in mouth feel and desire? My 1 caffeinated bevie is gone, don’t need it, don’t miss it. and i actually LIKE the new whole wheat/natural choices in grains. they’re more filling and tasty- i honestly’ don’t remember the old ways/tastes:)
    thanks Julie:) this has been way cool

  4. Posted by Nada on November 14, 2010 at 6:43 pm

    I will continue with many of the changes I made during the cleanse. It taught me a lot about good nutrition and healthier alternatives. I really enjoyed this time and will miss your articles. I actually hope you continue to post once in awhile.
    I feel great and have even lost some weight too.
    Thanks for everything and looking forward to the next one. 🙂

  5. I miss wine…. That is it. Tried a cappuccino today and it didn’t like me. It could have also been the mac and cheese as I got way overzealous. Now, I know one thing at a time. Definitely going to stay away from dairy and caffeine for another few weeks. Thank-you miss Laura for inspiring and guiding.


  6. Posted by lela adelman on November 14, 2010 at 9:12 pm

    Well what can I say! I have been dreaming of the moment when I could have a cup of joe,glass of wine, big fat piece of bread and butter but now that I am here I am not sure what I am going to do. My experience with food and body over the last 4 weeks has been very educational. I pride myself on being a healthy eater but to really commit to it 24/7 was a whole different story. It’s wonderful to make choices and feel satisfied not stuffed or bloated. I agree with Laura and feel like a calmer version of my old self. Boring? Sometimes. Enlightening? Definitely! I am not sure what i am going to do when I wake up tomorrow. Coffee? Maybe. Cheese? Maybe. Glass of wine? Most likely but maybe not. With all my travel I feel like I have not really reached my state of cleanse euphoria. Many times today I thought about ending my cleanse early and celebrating but then I realized the celebration is to figure out how to keep feeling this good! Sappy but true. Thanks Laura! You have been a great teacher! Now lets all raise a glass!

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