The Finish Line

Yahoo!  We made it!  Twenty-eight days without sugar, caffeine, alcohol, white flour dairy or processed/refined foods.  I know there are community cleansers who participated on varying levels of commitment, anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.  Regardless

I won't be ingesting all this on the same day - at least not today

of our initial goal, we should all be proud.  I’ve come to realize that many wouldn’t consider embarking on this journey at all.  Many people have said, “I could never do a cleanse.  What on earth would I eat?”  As we all now know, there’s an abundance of healthy foods we can eat – on and off – a cleanse. 

Now I can’t say that I didn’t struggle a few times over the past month.  I almost capsized the cleanse-friendly canoe when my Canadian family rolled into Napa.  But I maintained The Will to Power Through and made it across the finish line.  I must admit, I’m a little afraid for today.  I don’t want to undo all the good I feel I’ve done for my body.  I also really like my new trimmer look.  My mind is clear and for lack of a less new agey description – I feel more grounded.  I feel better rooted in who I really am; without the highs and lows.

My visitors have been inducted, well more like forced, into a milder version of the cleanse because they’ve been staying with us for the past week.  I’m happy to report they all love green smoothies and everything cleanse-friendly (of course they’ve been taunting us with cheese and wine).  But I know they’re happy the cleanse is over so we can finally participate in a proper toast.   Although we’re all excited to go out to a few restaurants this week, they’re already pre-planning our next cleanse-friendly dinners.  They’re hooked on good home cleanse-friendly cooking.    

Yesterday my friend who powered through the cleanse and fell out of it one day early wrote to me, “Broke the cleanse with a cappuccino.”  A few moments later she wrote, “”Yeah wooowho oh no coffee might make me kookie and I only had half of it.”  About one hour later she texted, “Note to self: cappuccinos make me sick.  Hmm or it could have been the amazing local Mac and Cheese with crab.  Argh…Me feel sicky.”  The last text concerning all this was, “Seriously.  But was it the coffee or the cheese?”

Since we’ve done all this cleansing work, it’s a good idea to reintroduce the more irritating foods we’ve eliminated like coffee, alcohol, chocolate, sugary desserts, ice cream, cheese, milk, white flour and anything else you can think of, one at a time.  For example, I told my friend to stop drinking coffee for the next four days and continue to eat cheese.  This should help her determine the culprit food.  If she continues to feel sick from the cheese, then she could omit cheese from her diet (perhaps for a long time) and try having a coffee (without the milk).  If this doesn’t irritate her stomach, she could then try another cappuccino with milk.  Chances are if cheese upsets her system so will milk.  If we add all these foods back in at the same time and have a reaction (such as a stomach ache, bowel issues, headaches, irritation, dizziness, hives, rashes, congestion, excess mucus production, or my favorite – complete lethargy) we won’t know which one is causing the problem.  We should be able to figure out intolerances to most foods by rotating them back into the diet in four-day intervals.     

I want to thank-you all for participating or reading during the past four weeks, and thank-you for all your supportive and entertaining comments.  I will continue to blog at least once a week.  The plan is to run another four-week Community Cleanse beginning in January from the 4th to the 31st.  Here’s to our first successful cleanse all you Healthy Junkies!


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  1. Posted by Chris on November 15, 2010 at 9:35 am

    Yeeah Laura……job WELL done!! I loved your articles and read every one. Denis and I enjoyed our four weeks of healthy “only eating….no drinking” and felt great. Didn’t miss the coffee ‘after’ the first few days. Today, I had my first coffee in two weeks……half caf and half decaf. I definitely am feeling the ‘buz’…..I think tomorrow I may actually downgrade to ‘decaf’ and see if that does it for me. CONGRATS to you for getting through 4 weeks….especially with company. I know that must have been tough. But you’re the ‘leader’……and we’re proud of you for staying true. Enjoy your wine and cheese…….wish we were there to help celebrate!!! Love ya……Mom and Dad 2

  2. Posted by Marisha on November 15, 2010 at 4:39 pm

    Laura! So proud of you!!! Loved following along and reading about your experience. I’m going to miss not having a daily Laura fix. Can’t wait to see you!!!!!!!!!! Bisous, Misha

  3. Posted by lela on November 15, 2010 at 9:34 pm

    Woo Hooooo! We made it Laura! I realized today that I have become that irritating person who can’t stop talking about cleanse friendly products. I am a health freak and need keep it to myself.

    I woke up this morning with a new since of freedom but also full of trepidation. How was I going to handle the day? Would I be a kid in a candy store and become completely sick after my buffet breakfast or would I ease my way into it? With fear of opening the flood gates I trudged off to the hotel gym then came back to have some herbal tea (not ready for coffee). Went to a key note speaker breakfast. Here were the options. Fresh fruit (GOOD), muffin, bagel, and sweet bread basket (BAD), 3 types of healthy named cereal (FAKERS AND BAD). Thank god I had a instant oatmeal in my purse (Save 1 of the day). Then off to the show floor for a day of hocking my wares. As my stomach started to tell me it was lunch time I headed out to the food show floor in search of the perfect item to eat for lunch. As I looped through the isles my irritation grew as I picked through the options. Everything is in a healthy disguise. No wonder we live in an obese society. Sugar is our worst enemy (see what I mean about that irritating health junkie) Nothing in the 250+ vendors was even close to a good choice. Everything is loaded with sugar or worse. SAVE 2 raw veggies which were purchased for our product tastings, a larabar and tangerine (which I had taken from a buffet the day before).

    After watching the string of gelato barring show attendees stream by the booth all day while smelling the caramel popcorn and fried food aroma’s all I wanted was to stick my face in a chocolate cake and give up but I bravely headed off to dinner to yet another steak house to see what I could find. I started with shrimp cocktail (more shrimp less cocktail) followed by a chopped salad with filet mignon. FIRST GUILTY PLEASURE 1 piece of white bread and a glass of WINE. So far I have more guilt less pleasure but I feel great!

    I can’t wait to try again in January! For now I will slowly work myself up for a Thanksgiving binge!

  4. Posted by LIndy Powell on November 29, 2010 at 8:49 am

    Congratulations, my dear Laura.

    You did it, and you helped so many others to make it through the 28 day cleanse. Because I am living much of the time with my elderly father, who is definitely a meat and potatoes kind of guy, I haven’t done the cleanse..I saved all your blogs though, and will treat myself to it some day when my life is different…I too want to be trim and grounded!

    Reading it helped to be more conscious of what I put in my body, and that’s always a good thing to be remimded of. I loved the blog. As I was telling my darling Caitlin, you’re really good at this…not only are you knowledgeable, and do good research, but you make the information so accessible.Its easy to understand, and credible,but more importantly to me, you are so real.(I get somewhat turned off when I read language that is too “new-agey..I am, after all, Canadian, not Californian…you know us Canucks) And you and use humour so well, that you actually make ordinary humans feel as though maybe they, too, could actually do this. Laura likes red wine and good strong French Roast coffee as much as I do, evidently (I’m remembering the image of you with wine glass and coffee cup in hand just before the cleanse started….) and she can do this.

    So when your book is published, I will order several copies, one for me, and others for those I most care about. You go girl, as Oprah would say…speaking of whom, write fast, this is the last year to get on her Book Club you know….

    with love, Lindy

  5. Posted by Cathryn on November 29, 2010 at 12:02 pm

    Laura, congrats on the cleanse and building this strong community of healthy junkies. You now have 4 new fans all from my workplace 🙂 Talk about spicing up the conversations around the water cooler at work. You betcha…I was ranting about my veggie smothies; talking about how clean kidney was getting; and was sharing crazy healthy recipes with my co-workers. next time you are up for another cleanse, you can count them in as members. You are awesome and I am so proud of what you did with this blog and the cleanse. YOU ARE SO COOL!!! Love you XX

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