The Holiday Train – 1st Stop Thanksgiving

The holiday train seems to have already loaded me into its caboose.  This may have something to do with my family’s visit that continued on this past week, post-cleanse.  Now with Thanksgiving and then holiday parties just around the bend – I’m frightened.  Thank goodness I took a month-long cleansing break between Canadian and American Thanksgiving.

Since I have the pleasure of celebrating Thanksgiving twice per year, I can say with great certainty, “I have issues with maintaining moderation on this particular holiday.”  If you watched me eat, you would swear the meal we give thanks for is about overindulgence and attempting to eat the year’s harvest in one sitting.  So I started to think of ways to control myself and keep the party train from running me over for at least another couple of weeks.  Here are some tips I came up with: 

  1. Make your own stuffing with whole grain bread.  Use more chicken or vegetable broth to moisten the stuffing instead of loads and loads of butter.  (Chemicalized margarine is of course out).
  2. Omit heavy cream from all things Thanksgiving (maybe with the exception of whipped cream on pumpkin pie).  Use a little butter and organic 2% milk (or almond milk) in mashed potatoes.  
  3. Take smaller portions.  The food combining that happens at Thanksgiving (proteins ingested with all those heavy carbs and sugars – potatoes and turkey and stuffing and gravy and then something sugary for desert) can make some of us ill.  Take a smaller portion this year and then eat again later or take a plate home for the next day.  Thanksgiving leftovers – yummy!
  4. Skip the white bread. 
  5. Limit the appetizers – including cheese. 
  6. Thicken gravy with spelt flour.
  7. No need to drown veggies in butter, or sugars like maple syrup just because we’re giving thanks.  Keep the food clean and delicious.
  8. If we’re going to drink, it’s good to maintain mindfulness around how much alcohol we’re ingesting and have a maximum number of drinks in mind (mine’s two).  
  9. Instead of laying on the couch in a tryptophan coma, get outside for a walk.

Hope some of these tips help as the holiday train is soon to be set-in-motion for all Healthy Junkies.  Happy Thanksgiving to all the American Healthy Junkies!


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  1. Posted by Big Mama on November 25, 2010 at 4:29 pm

    Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends. Lots of great tips here in your posting. Adrien’s friend Sarah-her dad made a stuffing for their Thanksgiving dinner this year with rice-brown & wild(cooked first and then mixed in with celery, mushrooms, onions, you can throw anything you like in and the spices she didn’t know-he just sorta used whatever was on hand in the cupboard-but she said it was delicious, better than the traditional bread stuffing.
    I’m going to try this and will let y’all know the secret recipe if it turns out yummy!

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