Why Cleanse – Part 1 of 2

Why are we doing this Community Cleanse again?  Why am I avoiding coffee, sugar, dairy, white flour, alcohol and processed and hydrogenated foods for a whole four weeks?  Anyone? 

I woke up this morning really wanting coffee, even though it’s been awhile since I had coffee.  After the last cleanse, I was so impressed with how strongly addicted I was to coffee that I switched to decaf.  I knew this January cleanse was on the horizon and I couldn’t fathom the thought of another three-week episode entitled, “try and find your fun personality without caffeine”.   

So back to the initial question, why cleanse?  Why put ourselves through all this; the parties without alcohol; the “wine tasting” events without the wine tasting; the brown rice crackers without cheese; the coffee dates without coffee; life without the sweetness of sugar; reading labels to find I can’t eat most everything because it’s laden with white flour or some kind of sugar?

Well luckily I’m already feeling a difference in my body after a week and a half.  Once again, I’m reminded of what it feels like to eat and drink clean for days in a row, without the stimulants of alcohol, sugar and caffeine.  I’m also more regular, something I thought I’d share even though we don’t always talk openly about it.  Sure I’ve had a few days of dizziness and feeling low on energy, but I attribute this to my body changing its chemistry, its barometer.  After all, It’s not every week I forego all alcoholic beverages, omit coffee – completely, avoid sugar like the plague, deny myself the baguette and say “no please” to cheese.

All of the elements we avoid during the cleanse are acid-forming foods.  When our bodies are overly acidic, our organs can’t function optimally and we set the stage for dis-ease in the body.  I write dis-ease instead of disease because most of us don’t have a full-blown disease, just some sort of ailment that’s uncomfortable like; digestive issues, low energy, skin eruptions, colds, joint pain, gas and bloating, acid reflux, and so on.    

Simply avoiding acidic elements, like white flour and sugar, helps our systems to rest and recharge.  We hopefully eat more alkalizing foods like vegetables and fruits.  Adding apple cider vinegar, fresh lemon or wheatgrass powder to water helps speed this along.  Incorporating Superfoods can also help push acidity from the body.

So I’m reminded of why I’m cleansing, and the urge to drink coffee did fleet quickly away this morning.  There may be more temptations coming, but I’m committed to allowing my body this break, a healthy recalibration. 

Happy cleansing everyone!


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  1. Posted by Jenny on January 13, 2011 at 3:24 pm

    Until yesterday, was following the cleanse very strictly, but yesterday was my birthday and I had a 1/2 of a Shift cupcake. I was amazed at how sweet it was, how too sweet it was. I didn’t even want more, which is very alien to me.

    But I have had a problem with a migraine and sleeplessness the last four days, and I think having to put painkillers into my system seems to be the opposite of cleansing.

    Does anyone have any advice? Because I am at the point of heading to the doctors fir an injection.


  2. Posted by Julie on January 13, 2011 at 5:28 pm

    Thanks for the pep talk! After a bad day a work, I really wanted a glass of wine.

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