Why Cleanse – Part 2 of 2

After posting Why Cleanse – Part 1 a few days ago, I felt a little better.  The knowledge that The Community Cleanse is helping my body move away from a more acid environment, into a more balanced state, kept me sane at last night’s dinner party.  Not once did I snatch and chug the wine from the non-cleansers wine glasses.   But it never hurts to be further reminded because sometimes I still wonder – why the heck am I avoiding all this again? 

We eliminate sugar from the diet, in all its forms including; cane sugar, glucose, fructose, corn syrup and others, to allow the body a break from artificial energy.  White sugar is void of all nutrients and has to steal vitamins and minerals from the body to be metabolized.  See, White Sugar – Hazardous so Beware.  See, The Fake, The Sweet, The Goat, and The “Chips” for a complete list of names for “sugar”.

Coffee is acidic and can irritate the stomach lining.  It pumps excess adrenaline into the blood that can result in tension, irritation and mood swings.  Regular intake of caffeine can lead to a deficiency of calcium and B vitamins in the body.  See, Coffee Break.  

Most every cleanse involves eliminating dairy.  Dairy’s a difficult food for most of us to digest and if we’re unable to digest a food, the vitamins and minerals are not available for our cells to utilize.  Dairy can also create chronic inflammation, digestive issues, bloating, gas, pain and mucus build up.  According to the book Allergies Disease in Disguise by Carolee Bateson-Koch DC ND, “Milk is the number one allergic food.  An estimated thirty-three million Americans are allergic to milk.”  See, Dairy – Oh Cheese, I’m Going to Miss you.

For all of us gum chewers or diet-food eaters, aspartame and sucralose are highly toxic and should never be used as a sugar replacement.  Aspartame is known to increase nervous system dysfunction and promote multiple sclerosis, birth defects and many different types of cancers.  Aspartame breaks down to formaldehyde in the body and alters cellular DNA.  Best to avoid this one on and off the cleanse.  See, The Fake, The Sweet, The Goat, and The “Chips”.

Now for my favorite – alcohol, equals fun.  Unfortunately there are a few negatives when discussing alcohol.  One glass of wine (five ounces), one beer (twelve ounces), or one glass of hard liquor (one ounce) doesn’t seem to have an impact.  But ingesting three or more glasses can depress our immune systems by depleting the number of white blood cells and killer t-cells in our systems.  Not so fun!  How many ounces in my martini?  Alcohol is also acidic and can cause stomach problems, cankers and chronic acid reflux.  Excessive consumption, three or more drinks imbibed often (like many nights of the week) may result in nutritional deficiencies.  This is the main reason I take supplements – kidding! 

Again I’m reminded about why I’m cleansing and forcing myself to take a break.  I get to put a little distance between me and some of my “habits” like coffee, cane sugar inspired brownies, and cheese.  After all it’s not like our stored wines are going to go bad in four weeks. 

Happy cleansing!


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