Green Tea – My New Best Friend

The Community Cleanse is a great way to give our bodies the break it needs for us to become aware of everyday foods that might be affecting us negatively. I know I have said it before, but I don’t think I’m going back to coffee. If you have read through my blog, you know that I switched to decaf between the first and second cleanses (See Another Cleanse Down). Well that didn’t work out so well. After the January cleanse, I found myself slowly slipping back into the caffeinated world of happy baristas and perfectly foamed organic lattes. “One shot or two?” she asked. Once hooked, I wondered how the nice barista could ask such a question. I replied, “Most certainly two shots … of course.” 

My mission is to find what feels healthy and moderate for me, long-term. In seeking moderation, I’m learning that feeling healthy trumps what I think should be moderate. I have the idea that one coffee per day is reasonable. I mean it’s not like I’m gulping down cup after cup like some people I know. But every time I start another cleanse, the withdrawals from coffee are brutal. Should I be experiencing these grave, negative effects from caffeine if I’m ingesting it moderately? I feel irritated and tired (so tired) and miss coffee more than anything.

The point is; I feel better without it. Many of you have told me you’ve noticed positive changes in your moods, weight, energy levels and illness related symptoms while on The Community Cleanse. Have you determined what is contributing to these improvements? Can you continue to limit the substance, or omit it from your diet after the cleanse is over?

This is my third, four-week cleanse, in eight months. I know for sure—without a doubt—I feel less anxious, moody, agitated, and I have less stomach irritation without my daily caffeine fix. Sure, I also feel less awake and less fun (coffee makes me hyper and much more entertaining), but I’m learning to have a good time with green tea. My relationship with green tea is new, but it’s growing on me. This time, (and I might eat my words later) I am going to stick to green tea and give up coffee (for now). Green tea and me get along better and we don’t have the same dependency issues. But coffee and me have a history—a past—and lots of memories. Okay, maybe I’ll have one latte per week, on the weekend, as a special treat. Yes, yes, yes, I’ll have one per week, but I am not going to let this creep up and grow into the same full-blown every day ritual. I used to think a life without coffee was perhaps not worth living—so one step at a time. Green tea, my new friend, I hope you’re ready because you have big shoes to fill.


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  1. Posted by Chris on June 1, 2011 at 3:35 pm

    While I’m also a fan of a green tea, I couldn’t let this one slip by without promoting my best friend – and coffee substitute – for about 20 years now- yerba mate.

    With yerba mate, you get the “buzz” with no crash. You also get the anti-oxydants, the nutrients and the whole nine.

    If you’re curious to give it try in an authentic atmosphere, head over the Guyaki Bar in Sebastopol (

  2. Posted by Cara on June 16, 2011 at 9:41 am

    I see myself and what I went through in this post! I thought for sure I’d do the cleanse and go right back to drinking coffee once it was done. The last night of the cleanse I even proclaimed at a party, “I’m going to have the biggest cup of coffee tomorrow morning!!”. But when the morning came, I didn’t really want the coffee anymore. And I haven’t had any since (except for 2 decaf lattes). I do miss the buzz and I miss my morning ritual of a hot cup to get the day started, but day after day I keep reaching for green tea. I like my mellowed mood and I feel like I found more balance.

    It’s so funny that you wrote about being more fun and livelier with your coffee and that’s me, too. I had resigned myself to being a coffee drinker for the same reasons and I would think, is life worth living without coffee?

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