Ready, Set, Eat Healthy Challenge

The next Eat Healthy Challenge (formerly the Community Cleanse), begins tomorrow, Tuesday, September 6th. The terms are listed in the My Eat Healthy Challenge Goals blog entry. Decide how long you’re going to stay on the Challenge and then choose the elements you’ll omit from your diet during this time. You can choose anywhere from one week to 28 days. Once again, I’m selecting all six items and the full 28 days. It is recommended to print My Eat Healthy Challenge Goals—what is meant to be a sort of “contract” between you and yourself. 

Step one–setting the goal. A Challenge is not meant to be easy. It’s meant to be challenging. defines challenging “as testing one’s ability and endurance in a difficult but stimulating effort.” The Challenge should test your ability to read labels and incorporate alternatives that are Eat Healthy friendly. It should test your endurance—this will be especially true if you choose a time frame that feels thrilling. The Eat Healthy Challenge has proven to be stimulating with varying degrees of difficulty. I personally find it challenging, whereas others report, “That wasn’t really challenging at all. I could have stayed on it for another month, no problem.” Whatever you discover, you will feel stimulated with renewed energy and an increase in metabolism. Of course it never hurts to shed some of the unnecessary fat (weight).  

The first time I set forth on the Eat Healthy Challenge, I was afraid I might not succeed (and I was the one suggestion everyone participate). Although the parameters of the Challenge are meant to ensure anyone can partake and succeed, the idea is to push ourselves out of our comfort zones. With three Challenges now under my belt, I’m more confident I can complete the full Challenge. We’re not all going to commit at the same level and that’s perfect! However, consider biting off at least a crumb more than you feel comfortable chewing. My experience has showed me it’s better to have a thrilling goal than an objective that seems boring and dull. We want to be stimulated with the challenge. We want to stimulate positive change.

There is an abundance of information within the website to help you figure out breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas and what to eat. Check out Meal Suggestions for Eat Healthy Challenge, Five-Day Meal Plan, Healthy Info and Shopping List.

Welcome to the Eat Healthy Challenge, Healthy Junkies!

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