Inspired Beverage – The Green Smoothie

Photo by Ashley Teplin

I love smoothies–especially green smoothies made from a combination of green vegetables and fruits. They give me energy—make me want to do backflips or break out in a dance routine to “Footloose”.

Most of the time, I use a similar base of ingredients; banana, blueberries, broccoli, green peas, kale, almond butter and water. Next, I add whatever else calls to me; apple, plum, pear, spinach, chia seeds … I sometimes switch the almond butter for hemp or pea protein powder. Now and again I change up the kale for wheat grass powder. With all the tossing of this and that into the blender, sometimes the smoothie goes south and I have to work to bring it back into the realm of palatable.

Like last week, during a photo shoot for Mutineer Magazine. I’m being featured in a spread named, “Inspired Beverage Voices-Napa Valley”. My green smoothie is the rising, non-alcoholic, star beverage. On November 6th, I’ll be attending the Mutineer Red Carpet Party, without my blender in hand. While trying to impress the Publisher and Editor, Alan Kropf, I was once again clearly reminded of the art of green smoothie making and the pressure to tweak recipes.

Photo by Ashley Teplin

Why was my smoothie so thick? Of course I had used more kale than usual to impress my new smoothie converts. I ran out of blueberries and had to substitute raspberries. I added a plum and voila … my smoothie tasted okay, but not yet yummy. It needed help to rise to the stature of smoothie masterpiece. I added another banana (after all it was a smoothie for three people), one scoop of “GreenSuperFood with Goji and Acai by Amazing Grass” and poured in more water. Pure healthy, smooth, deliciousness!

Sometimes our beverages just need a little more inspiration to shine and be the best they can be. What inspired ingredients do you have up your sleeves, Healthy Junkies?


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  1. Posted by Elaine on October 31, 2011 at 5:54 pm

    nice picture Laura!! Good luck with your article!

    Elaine xo

  2. Posted by laura hamelin on October 31, 2011 at 7:55 pm

    Ya…I have a hard time making green smoothies palatable…mine never seem to make it to delicious. I haven’t given up yet though! I will try harder!

    Looking good sis! Can’t wait to see you in December!

    • Try adding more banana, strawberries, mango or an apple. Using spinach instead of kale can be less stressful on blenders and help to smooth out the smoothie. Try incorporating tasty green products like “Berry Flavored GreenSuperFood” by Amazing Grass or rice protein powders that are vanilla flavored.
      So happy you’re determined to find a recipe you find delicious!

      Laura Levesque Page
      The Healthy Junkie

  3. I was definitely impressed. The first batch was a bit thick, but after the tweaks it was DELICIOUS, and gave me a superhero-like burst of energy. I want another!

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