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This page is to help users navigate through old posts and easily find information and inspiration.  Just click on a link below to be taken to the post.  Scroll down to “Recipes Archives” to easily find a ridiculously healthy recipe.

A Day of Eating on The Community Cleanse – Day 3

Another Cleanse Down

Basic Recommendations – Community Cleanse

Breaking Down The Fat – Day 27

Calling All Healthy Junkies – Recipes – Day 7

Candidiasis – What May Lurk Within

Chocolate, Love and Kale

Cleansing the Sweet Tooth – Day 12

Coffee Break

Community Cleanse – Here We Come

Community Cleanse Contract – Let’s all Commit!

Corn and Black Bean Salad – Day 18

Costs of Shopping – Day 2

Dairy – Oh Cheese, I’m Going to Miss You

Dear Blog – Day 28

Eating out and Travelling

Example – My Cleanse Contract

Fat Loss and Exercise – Day 22

Feel The Community Cleanse – Day 11

Five-Day Meal Plan – Cleanse

January, 2011 Community Cleanse – One Week countdown

Just Add Greens

Let the Cleanse Begin

Meal Suggestions for Eat Healthy Challenge

More Cleansing Anyone? – Day 9

New Year’s Revolution – I Mean Resolution

Oh No – It’s the Weekend – Day 6

One-Week Countdown to Community Cleanse

Orb Me Up Scotty – Day 13

Shopping List

Superfoods-Day 15


Thai Coconut Red Curry – Day 16

The Colon – A Potential Sewer? – Day 8

The Fake, The Sweet, The Goat and The “Chips” – Day 5

The Finish Line

The Holiday Train – 1st Stop Thanksgiving

The Liver – Almighty Cleanse Organ – Day 4

The Last Supper – Day 1

The Will to Power Through – Day 24

This Blogger’s Back in Business

Today’s Really the Day – Day 1

Water – Are You Dehydrated?

White Sugar – Hazardous so Beware

Why Cleanse – Part 1 of 2

Why Cleanse – Part 2 of 2

Yes You Can!

Yogi Chai Tea – Day 17


Butternut Squash Apple Soup

Chocolate” Nut Orbs

Corn and Black Bean Salad

Dragon Rice Bowl

Egg and Veggie Wraps

Everyday Breakfast Smoothie

Giant Salad

Just Add Greens

Messy Baked Burritos

Pesto Pizza

Red Pepper Smoothie

Sneaky Whole Wheat Spaghetti

Thai Coconut Red Curry

Vegetable Brown Rice Couscous Salad

Yogi Chai Tea


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  1. This is perfect! Well done!


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