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This Blogger’s Back in Business

I’ve had a great big case of blogger’s block. But I’ve tried to remain patient—as patient as those tea pickers we saw in China last year, hand-picking and separating the different sized leaves to make different teas. Regardless, I’ve felt a little blocked as a blogger. This is not to be confused with writer’s block. I’ve actually had no problem writing lately. I’ve been focused on finishing my memoir about how—after two chest surgeries, paralysis to my left arm, and a car accident that left me in a body cast—I was once again re-diagnosed with cancer, for the third time in four and a half years. My surgeon Dr. Harrison, recommended removing all my ribs on the right hand side and replacing them with sheep rib (no kidding). I decided I would rather die than remain helpless, scheduled on what seemed like a never-ending cycle of surgeries, pain and a persistent lack of control over my life. So, I ventured away from the allopathic world into the realm of uncompromising nutrition, positive mental endurance, emotional corrections, and developed a strong faith in myself and the unknown. The story begins when I’m twenty-one and ends just before my thirtieth birthday when I finally have a clean x-ray to show I’ve attained my ultimate goal—purging myself of tumors, once and for all.

Well, I’ve been writing like a crazy woman trying to get this book completed and drum roll please … it’s done. Well, not done, done. Not done, as in you can read it, done. More like done-for-now-done. Done as in, let’s put that away on a shelf for a few months and let it marinate. It still needs a lot of work and a million more edits. But now it’s time to blog …

The next Healthy Junkie’s 28-day Community Cleanse begins next week on Wednesday, May 4th. This time the cleanse will focus on fat loss / weight loss. I like to talk about fat instead of weight, but I’ll use the terms interchangeably. We can be slim, or light according to the scale, and still be a skinny-fat person. We can be the appropriate size and weight, begin to work out differently becoming more fit, only to gain muscle pounds on a scale (certainly not a bad thing). There are also those of us who really need to lose the fat for health and happiness reasons. Ultimately, the May cleanse is going to focus on how to feel better all around and if it’s necessary and you’re interested—lose some fat before summer. As always you decide the level at which you would like to participate; the length of committed time and what you will eliminate from your diet. See the Community Cleanse page for more details on how to get started and spread the word.

It’s almost Community Cleanse time Healthy Junkies …